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About The Hire Meta

Hire Meta connects Employeers and Employees using the Blockchain. Hire Meta backs decentralized employment marketplace that doesn't rely on traditional recruiters or "headhunters". By employing user agents on the Hire Meta network, a P2P decentralized job market will be created using our token as an incentive to user agents to submit and verify applicants.

At present scenario, there is no any such source or platform for metaverse job application due to which there are lots of problem on HR industry. Such as candidates are required to create accounts on multiple job sites, hiring process is not fair and in the meantime companies are unable to reach with deserving candidates. We are bringing the solution for these all probelem.For more details, check our roadmap and whitepaper.

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Why Choose Us?

Blockchain plays vital role in HR Industry.We are launching a different Metaverse HR solution for virgin and yet untouched market. Imagine you will be giving interview to a US company siting on a chair in Australia presenting yourself in Metaverse Studio.


Fully Secured Data

Our Metaverse Blockchain Solution has the potential to radically transform the HR function, touching everything from benefits administration to control over sensitive employee data to the way that HR transactions are carried out


Enhance employee experience

HR and employees alike will appreciate our blockchain’s ability to expedite access to benefits packages. Once employers outline the terms of employment prior to hiring, it is HR’s responsibility to uphold the conditions in the contract. The traditional model requires manual implementation of provisions that might impact an employee’s benefits package, running risks of errors or preventing proper delivery of benefits.


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Candidates can use blockchain to tokenize their identity and provide virtual credentials, such as college transcripts, training certificates, resumes and work histories that recruiters and hiring managers can trust have not been tampered with.

Token Structure

Join the industry leaders to discuss where the markets are heading. We accept token payments.

HireMeta Tokenomics


To revolutionized the entire HR industry here is our roadmap for MVP.

Download Our Documents

We have created detailed whitepaper to educate everyone or explain our process and methodology.

Hire Meta Metaverse is a virtual or alternate world in which individuals are replaced by digital avatars and where they can gather together irrespective of their geographical location where the employer will hire there potential employees.

Virtual recruitment fairs are one example of candidates getting an opportunity to engage with potential employers and getting a real demonstration of the kind of company they could be working for. People want more businesses to offer virtual tours which will allow potential candidates to get a taste of the office culture giving potential candidates a tour of the workplace. The tour can be viewed on the desktop along with a pair of headsets to give an immersive experience.

With Hire Metaverse potential employees will not need to trave long distance and sit infron to recruiter having nervous face. On top of that We aim to provide solutions for Compliance and regulations.HireMeta metaverse is going to be gamechanger for the contract or temporary workforce.

We are launching a different HR solution for Employee data security and access while protecting both employees and employeer.


Download Mobile App ( Coming Soon...)

Mobile application plays a vital part of our roadmap and project map

Undoubtedly a stirring pot by rumors about being both dying and striving technology focus, metaverse already proved itself with digital concerts, huge gatherings, prototyped conference environments in the current tech generation. Everyone is hyped about its relevance, and other big consumer brands such as Adidas, Nike, Gucci, and Balenciaga are on this train. Now, Hire Meta Metaverse is adding next level of bricks on Metaverse with Metaverse Hiring Platform.


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Hire Meta(HRMeta) is an innovative web3 or blockahian project in Metaverse. Hire Meta is the first of its kind of HR project in metaverse which aims to eradicate all the existing problems in HR industry which cannot be solved with web2. Hire Meta is a milestone for HR industry which is bringing trust and confidence between employeer and employees while maintaining transparency, data security, data accessibility, compliance and regulations.
Hire Meta(HRMeta) is a NewYork based startep project backed by experienced team of engineers, managers, narketers and analyst. For general information you can check our contract for honeypot detection from:
Our Contract Address is : 0x9B78Bf1463Ddfdedc1A812c51aaa50bf594a87EC
HR Meta presale ico will be launched with DXSale. After presale on DXSALE it will be possible to buy Hir eMeta (HRMeta)in centalized exachanges and decentrlaide exchange (like PancakeSwap)for a credit card or PayPal payment or BNB, BUSD, USDT.
Currently we are experienced team of engineers, developers, project managers and community leaders with many successful projects in our collective portfolio. All team members will be Doxed after presale. For the security of Hire Meta community all the team tokens are locked for 1 year. To know more about tokenomics please go through our whitepaper and tokenomics section.